Period Lookbook

Create immersive and convincing period sets that will excite your audience with authentic dressing props and hero props. We’ve created period lookbooks using 1920s props, 1960s props and WW2 props to showcase how our collection can help you illuminate your period sets.

1920s Props

Discover our collection of 1920s props. From Art Deco glass and ceramics to household items, period advertising and paper ephemera, we have an extensive range of 1920s props for hire.

We can help you create detailed, immersive domestic and commercial sets that are faithful to the style of this decade. Browse some of our pieces from the 1920s.

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How to Hire

How to hire

Our range is so large and diverse that we can’t fit everything on our website – but we want to help you find what you’re looking for. Discover more about how to view our collection, choose the right items for you and hire our props for your project.  

Westlea Fine Foods

Struggling to get permission to use branded props for your project? 

We are proud to introduce our own professionally designed generic branding – Westlea Fine Foods.